Fact Sheet

Developer: Emanuele Leoncilli, based in Norcia (small village in Italy)

Release Date: Out Now (STEAM)

Platforms: PC/MAC

Website: www.abloodynight.com

Price: 4.99

Availability: Digital download

File Size: 160 MB

Press Contact: info@abloodynight.com

Social: Twitter, Facebook

Instruction Manual: http://www.abloodynight.com/instruction-manual.html

A Bloody Night

Press Kit

Story and Description

You hear a scream in the middle of the night. You wake up and see your sister lying on the floor lifeless…

You will have to reach the heart of the Empire to find out who ordered to kill her and why.

Your intentions are clear, you will not spare anyone who stands in your way…

A Bloody Night is a fast action game where the goal is to tear apart all the enemies you encounter in your way.

Let yourself be guided by your killing spree and your thirst for revenge.

Become the nightmare of your enemies. No one can stop you...

Make your way with ferocity through your opponents!



- Simple and intuitive controls to put you immediately at the core of the action.

- No waste of time by navigating through several menus or by having to remember complex combos.

- The appeal of an old "arcade" mechanics from the past, but with a more dynamic and "modern" rhythm.

- Simple game mechanics but requiring a lot of practice to be mastered at its best.

- Short and fast levels, perfect even for quick gaming sessions.

- Fluid animations and fast action.

- 3 bonus games that will empower your character.

- 20 different levels.

- Fast and accurate system of impacts.

- Very rewarding collisions.

- Dynamic camera that emphasizes combat phases.



My name is Emanuele Leoncilli and I am the author of "A Bloody Night". The passion for video games and cinema prompted me to start a career in 3D animation. I worked in the production of animated films, animated TV series and video games for several years.

"A Bloody Night" originated from the desire to create a game that would mostly appeal to me. While playing at platform/action games I often wondered: "Why is it that I have to solve all these puzzles while the only thing I want to do is just fight?"

If I'm thinking this, most probably there will be someone else who is also thinking just like me.

I thus began to study programming, which resulted in the production of "A Bloody Night", an action game exclusively devoted to fighting and action: just as the old good bar arcades, which were so dear to me in the 80's and 90's, had taught me.

My aim is to make games that can be enjoyed both for short and long playing sessions. Why should I only play if I have two hours of spare time? When playing, at least, there should be no need to rush, even if time is short.

Concerning the production itself, the video game took me about three years of work.

The backgrounds and sounds (music and effects) were commissioned to various artists scattered around the globe. A special thanks goes to them all.

All the people who made the creation of a "A Bloody Night" possible are listed in the final credits of the game.

To finish the production of this game was very challenging but also incredibly rewarding. I hope you will join me in this bloody fight, actually,

in this bloody night...



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